The federal government has developed a system that is aimed at serving and protecting the welfare of the country's senior citizens in the most effective way, and this funding approach is known as the ACFI or Aged Care Funding Instrument. The federal government has developed this funding with the objective of assessing and meeting the needs of the senior citizens in the most objective way. There are basic things about this system that you need to know and will be presented here briefly.


We cannot evade the fact that senior citizens have to be supported. The number one reason is that a person growing older would tend to require more support and assistance because of the gradual decline of his or her bodily functions and capabilities.


Number two reason is that many seniors in today's age of the 21st century, are existing in caring facilities which are subsidized. This condition is brought about of the common reasons of the elderly, like being left alone after the death of his or her spouse, has no children to tend to his or her needs, and is financially incompetent to spend for his or her health care requirements.


And the third reason is that the senior citizens in a developed country comprise the majority of the population, thereby tasking the government to be responsible in protecting their welfare.


There are many methods on how the elderly is taken care of by the government. First is for the state officials to send their financial support caring facilities that are subsidized. Another method is for the government to conduct a routine assessment of all senior citizens living in the caring areas about their financial needs with the help of medical professionals who are hired at predetermined intervals. In the past, conduction of these reports had no standard, reports differ from one medical expert to the other, and this had caused communication problems as auditors would come in to review their outputs.


The conditions mentioned above has brought about the creation of ACFI with the objective of having an easier assessment that is objective and standardized. It was reported that after the creation of the system, there was less concerns of the outputs among the experts.


Through the aged care funding instrument, a client's vital information and current medical diagnosis are known. Then, there are twelve questions that are asked to reach to an information that will categorize the client from having high, moderate, or low health needs in the determined three major categories. Complex health care, behaviour and activities of daily living are the compositions of the three major domains.



ACFI will then determine the level of assistance to give to the senior concern from the scores of these three domains. Contact aged care consultants here to know more!